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"My baby is going to need to be rocked to sleep forever..."

"My baby is going to need to be rocked to sleep forever..."

"My baby is never going to sleep for longer than 2 hours..."

"If she keeps coming into our bed, she'll never want to sleep in her own room!"

"If he keeps sucking his thumb we are going to have to sell our house in order to pay for orthodontics!!!"


Do any of these mantras sound familiar?

Here's a tip: stop catastrophising!

Especially in relation to things you're doing now that are making life easier for everyone.

When it comes to babies, things change constantly. They don't progress in a straight line.

Look at every other aspect of life - nothing ever stays the same.

Babyhood is the most temporary, fleeting phase in your child's life.

What they are doing this week, they won't necessarily be doing next week, or next month, or certainly next year.

"But what if he IS?!"

See, you're doing it again! Stop!

If it happens, whatever "it" is, and you feel yourself becoming unhinged, you can deal with it then.

And in the meantime, instead of fantasising about the worst case scenario, in the distant future, just roll with what is working now and deal with that imaginary situation when you get to it... IF you get to it.

Chances are, the future will be a whole lot brighter than your dark fantasies anyway...

Georgina Dowden is a mother, midwife and lactation consultant (IBCLC).

In her day to day life, she looks after her two beautiful children and also supports other families on their parenting journey.

If you would like to get in touch for breastfeeding or sleep/settling support, please email:

Skype/FaceTime consultations available OR home visits if you live in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

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