"My baby is going to need to be rocked to sleep forever..."

"My baby is going to need to be rocked to sleep forever..." "My baby is never going to sleep for longer than 2 hours..." "If she keeps coming into our bed, she'll never want to sleep in her own room!" "If he keeps sucking his thumb we are going to have to sell our house in order to pay for orthodontics!!!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do any of these mantras sound familiar? Here's a tip: stop catastrophising! Especially in relation to things you're doing now that are making life easier for everyone. When it comes to babies, things change constantly. They don't progress in a straight line. Look at every other aspect of life - nothing ever stays the same.

Falling Asleep at the Breast

These days, I'm getting better at not screaming or tearing my hair out... So I'm actually able to maintain my composure when I hear a woman say that *someone* told her that her baby shouldn't fall asleep at the breast. But let me rant for just a moment... It is OK for your baby to fall asleep at the breast. In fact, it is more than OK... it is completely normal! And I'm just so tired of hearing people say that it's not. Listen, if it wasn't normal for babies to fall asleep all cuddled into their mother's breast, don't you think nature would have caused breastfeeding to release a cocktail of stimulating hormones into baby's brain, rather than all that oxytocin which makes them relaxed and sno

Back To Sleep

I read something recently that said babies should sleep on their backs until they are aged 2... Question - how does one make a toddler sleep on their back?! Short of duct-taping them to the mattress (or loading them up with layers, putting them at risk of overheating)... neither of which is a great idea... A lot of parents become concerned once their baby starts rolling and they come in to find baby belly-down in the cot... But rest assured - the guidelines from 'SIDS And Kids' state that as long as baby is in a safe sleeping space and isn't swaddled, then once they start rolling around it's okay to let them find on their own sleeping position AFTER you place them down on their back. Toddler

When Nap Time Sucks

I think we can acknowledge that as parents we all have things that trigger us… For me, it was my daughter refusing to nap.

First Feed

If given the opportunity, most healthy babies will crawl to the breast and self-attach in that golden hour after birth. This photo was taken 2 hours after the birth of my son. He's nuzzled in, placenta still attached, snoozing away skin to skin after having found his way to the breast for a nice big feed. If there's one thing I think all women should include in their birth plans, it's to request that baby be given the chance to crawl to the breast himself. As long as baby is well and the birth has been relatively straight-forward, then baby should seek out the breast himself (this includes after an uncomplicated caesarean birth too). This process will require lots of patience from you and th

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