Why I Love Co-Napping

It seems like the measure of a competent parent is one who manages to get their baby to nap independently, in their cot, for at least an hour or more... Yikes. If that’s the case, I am seriously incompetent! With an older sister who likes to be out and about when she isn’t at preschool, most of my 1 year old’s naps are on the go. But THIS is what nap-time looks like for us on quiet days at home... Yep, snuggled up with mama. Why? A few reasons: 1. He sleeps for longer on me. 2. I enjoy it. 3. I get to rest while snuggling him. Pretty good reasons, I believe. Look, I know. There are 1000 other things I could do while the baby naps. There’s laundry (god, there’s always laundry!) There’s cleani

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