Our Journey With Hip Dysplasia

Like many mothers-to-be, I was in profoundly in tune with my baby during my pregnancy. So much so that at 34 weeks gestation, after months of me telling her every day that the best position for her to be in was head down, back to the left, my midwife discovered that she was head up, back to the right. Hmmm. So much for my deep intuitive connection! An ultrasound at 36 weeks confirmed that, despite my efforts to turn her using every method possible (including chiropractors, burning special incense sticks next to my little toes and swinging upside-down from the couch), she remained frank breech. A position that was not exactly conducive to my previous plans for a peaceful homebirth. Following

The Rules Of Sleep

In December of last year my husband Rhys and I welcomed a little pink bundle into the world, who is now 4.5 months old. Since then I have been learning the ropes of motherhood by strictly following the parenting style known at “Winging It.” Since then, I have to say, I am shocked by how many “rules” there are out there with regards to bringing up a baby. According to numerous mummy blogs and articles written by ‘infant sleep consultants’ (a job you apparently become qualified for by having a baby yourself who is a fantastic sleeper), if you just follow your intuition and take a relaxed approach to parenting you will end up creating a monster. Specifically, a monster who will never (EVER!) le

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