Holidays With Kids (It's Not All Bad!)

Here I am enjoying a mini-break on the Gold Coast with my little family. Funny story - back in 2011 my husband (then my boyfriend) and I went on an amazing holiday to Hawaii. As we lounged by the pool, sipping on cocktails, I remember watching a family hanging out in the water just near us. Their kids were probably around 5 and 3. Nothing about their day looked relaxing AT ALL. “MAAAM WATCH ME! WATCH ME! YOU’RE NOT WATCHING!!!” The 5 year old bellowed as the 3 year old insisted his dad toss him up in the air one. more. time. I leaned over to Rhys and said: “if we ever have kids, we are leaving them behind when we go on holidays...” Yep... #shityousaybeforekids. Now that I am well and truly o

My Initiation into the Mastitis Club

For the past 5 days I have been battling bloody mastitis. And believe it or not, it’s my first ever bout. My virgin run, if you will... I place the blame on sheer exhaustion and stress, after a long month of my husband going back and forth to Brisbane for work, often spending at least 5 nights away at a time. It was almost like my body knew he was finally home to stay (and take the children!!), as it literally hit me like a train about an hour after he walked in the front door. I tried to manage it conservatively. Encouraging my toddler to feed off that side regularly (ha! He hardly needs encouragement to feed!), hand expressing, massaging, warm packs / cold packs, anti-inflammatories... etc

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