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Sleeping Out & About

A few popular baby books seem to portray a baby who has all their naps in their cot as the gold standard. Some even claim that any sleep not done in a cot, in the quiet of home, is "junk" sleep. This is complete rubbish, with zero evidence behind it.

If anything, telling a mother that she needs to be a slave to her baby's sleep time, and have all naps at home, is a perfect recipe for a miserable, isolated parent.

Some people don't have a choice in where their baby will nap - some babies find the outside world too stimulating, so naps in a quiet place like home is all that works. But if you're one of the lucky ones who can get their baby to sleep in their arms, or the carrier or the pram (or the car!) while they're out and about - embrace it! As they get older this often becomes increasingly difficult so it's really is a matter of enjoying it while it lasts.

Don't let anyone scare you into thinking this isn't quality sleep, or that you're creating bad habits. It's just not true. Besides, getting out and about with your baby is not only good for you and your mental health, but for baby too. Plus the food and coffee is always better when someone else prepares it!

{Photo: My squishy boy, 3.5 months old}

Georgina Dowden is a mother, midwife and lactation consultant (IBCLC).

In her day to day life, she looks after her two beautiful children and also supports other families on their parenting journey.

If you would like to get in touch for breastfeeding or sleep/settling support, please email:

Skype/FaceTime consultations available OR home visits if you live in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

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