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Hands and Feeds

I read a terrible piece of advice in a baby book recently. It said that babies, including their hands, should be wrapped for all their feeds. This information is terribly unhelpful.

Babies use their hands during breastfeeding to help orientate and guide themselves to the nipple. They also use their hands to stimulate the breasts and stabilise themselves.

If you feel their hands are getting in the way, or they are using them to fight at the breast, then it's most likely a problem with your positioning and baby's stability. It would be hard to focus on latching if you're worried mummy is going to drop you! Reclining back slightly and ensuring baby has full body contact (tummy to tummy) with you can help.

If you still find baby's hands are getting in the way and breastfeeding appears to be a fight, then consult with an IBCLC to help you. Just please... don't restrict their adorable little hands.

{Photo: My son, 3 Weeks Old.}

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