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Back To Sleep

I read something recently that said babies should sleep on their backs until they are aged 2...

Question - how does one make a toddler sleep on their back?! Short of duct-taping them to the mattress (or loading them up with layers, putting them at risk of overheating)... neither of which is a great idea...

A lot of parents become concerned once their baby starts rolling and they come in to find baby belly-down in the cot...

But rest assured - the guidelines from 'SIDS And Kids' state that as long as baby is in a safe sleeping space and isn't swaddled, then once they start rolling around it's okay to let them find on their own sleeping position AFTER you place them down on their back.

Toddlers especially will often turn from back, to belly, to legs in the air, upside-down-back-to-front and that's OK!

So relax and let sleeping babies... sleep.

{Photo: my daughter's favourite napping position at 16 months.}

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