January 11, 2018

There have been numerous studies done that show the importance and benefits of skin to skin contact for both premature and term babies. Some of the benefits to baby include - regulation of body temperature, reduced crying, stabilising heart rate and blood glucose level...

January 7, 2018

Last week he would happily fall asleep beside me on the bed for naps. Then I could ninja roll away...

This week, he just wants to sleep in my arms (or face-down on top of me!)

"Regression?" Nope. Just a different week with a baby whose brain is growing and wiring up fas...

January 4, 2018

Here are a few handy tips for flying short-haul with a baby...

1) Don't book a 5pm flight. Seriously! For some reason, we thought getting on a plane with a 3.5 month old at Witching Hour was a good idea... 

This photo above captures the moment I realised how stupid...

December 29, 2017

"My baby is going to need to be rocked to sleep forever..."

"My baby is never going to sleep for longer than 2 hours..."

"If she keeps coming into our bed, she'll never want to sleep in her own room!"

"If he keeps sucking his thumb we are going to have to sell our house i...

December 18, 2017

These days, I'm getting better at not screaming or tearing my hair out... So I'm actually able to maintain my composure when I hear a woman say that *someone* told her that her baby shouldn't fall asleep at the breast. 

But let me rant for just a moment... It is OK for...

December 14, 2017

Part 3 - My Birth Story: A Vaginal Breech Birth.

December 13, 2017

Part 2 - My Birth Story: A Vaginal Breech Birth

December 12, 2017

Part 1 - My Birth Story: A Vaginal Breech Birth.

December 11, 2017

I read something recently that said babies should sleep on their backs until they are aged 2...

Question - how does one make a toddler sleep on their back?! Short of duct-taping them to the mattress (or loading them up with layers, putting them at risk of overheating)....

December 6, 2017

I think we can acknowledge that as parents we all have things that trigger us… For me, it was my daughter refusing to nap.

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