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My work goes beyond helping families with breastfeeding difficulties.  

I can also assist with many other concerns that families come up against in the early parenting period.

My background includes a thorough understanding of normal baby and toddler behaviour, in regards to feeding, sleeping and development.


What I can offer you:

  • Education about normal infant behaviour and sleep, based on current evidence.

  • Gentle suggestions and adjustments that can enhance your baby's quality of sleep, and yours.

  • Strategies to enhance sleep efficiency. 

  • An exploration around your family's values and what this means to your parenting journey.

  • Strategies to help you to adapt and adjust to areas of parenthood that you are struggling with.

  • Ways to enhance your attachment to your baby, including babywearing, breast-sleeping, safe co-sleeping and other sleeping arrangements.

  • Gentle, personalised plans for weaning / night-weaning your toddler.

  • Support for mothers - and fathers - experiencing postnatal depression and/or anxiety, and referral if needed.

  • Most importantly - reassurance and encouragement, leaving you feeling empowered and confident about your parenting decisions.


What I cannot offer you:


  • I do not offer "sleep training" services. I can not ethically support the leaving of babies to cry alone for periods of time.

  • I can not diagnose medical conditions, as this is outside of the scope of practice of an IBCLC, midwife and nurse. If I feel your baby would benefit from a medical review, I can help you to organise this and will refer accordingly.


My role is about supporting and empowering parents, so that they can not only survive, but enjoy the journey and experience.

To book an online consultation, or to browse my fees and packages


Office visits are available in Skennars Head, NSW for sleep/settling concerns.

Discount available for office consults for local families.


To organise a face-to-face consultation, contact me HERE.


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